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Signature Fortune     
Concept for the competition Art at the Nordostbahnhof
Conzeption to be read here


I m lucky
       because I have a home
                             because I get along
because I may live here
                        can enjoy every moment
see flowers in front of my window
                                   hear the birds sing
      have nice neighbors who understand me
and who I can talk to
         who help me in case of an emergency
   hear my voice when I sing
                   sometimes I watch children play
I may lie in the sun in the sweet smelling grass
         may heartily laugh with others
                    can be in somebody’s embrace

           (author of the local residency community WAL in NOB concerning the topic fortune)


a project of zwischenbericht in the context of the competition Art at the Nordostbahnhof Christian Rösner's concept was chosen by the majority of the jury on the 10-22-2010, the concept signature fortune of zwischenbericht is favoured by the WBG for an additional realisation